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Новости 2022 год. Январь, февраль, март

Валерия Юртаева:
"She surprised me again... my flying Redy 
In 2021, we were preparing for the main shows of the year - the World Dog Show in Brno and the European Dog Show in Budapest. Well, how we prepared... we just walked, ate well and enjoyed life, Granny Redy's pension proceeded more than smoothly, she had many grandchildrens, of whom we are also very proud. But we decided to shake the old days and also entered for club shows as part of the championships. What happened next just leaves me speechless. Redy became the BEST OF VETERAN at all specialty and club shows of the Rhodesian Ridgebacks within the World and European Dog Shows 
BEST OF BREED & BEST OF VETERAN at Club Show of RR ???????? 2/10/2021 under Milada Krchnava and Hanka Pankova, 167 RRs entries
BEST OF VETERAN at World Specialty of RR ???????? 1/10/2021 Šárka Štusáková, 170 RRs entries

 BEST OF VETERAN at RRCH Club Show of RR ???????? 28/12/2021 under Boris Chapiro, 98 RRs entries
WDS'21 - Excellent under Šárka Štusáková
EDS'21 - Excellent 2, R.CAC under Burunkai Patricia
I'm so so proud of childrens and grandchildrens who also got great results at main championships. Just incredible victory for her & Mig son Redyland Anyway Anyhow Anywhere at the European Dog Show who won the open class in a huge competition of 14 males under Stefan Sinko 
Thanks to everyone who cheered for us, who rejoiced and worried with us. Thanks to whole our REDYLAND family, I love you all very much. See you soon"

Валерия и Райридже Дэйо Камария - РЭДИ

09.01.2022 года.

Поздравляю владельцев родезийских риджбеков из "М" - Помёта с днём рождения!!!

Дорогие друзья!!! Уважаемые гости!!! Поздравляю с Новым 2022 годом!!! Пусть этот год принесёт всем нам здоровья, стабильности, благополучия и удачи!!! С новым годом!!!

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